Indulge in Unique Outdoor Barbequing Experience with BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is a family-owned business passionate about barbeques and providing the best customer support and service. They are part of 3 generations in the family who are involved with the company. As an authorized Kamado Joe, Napoleon bbq, and Ooni Pizza Oven dealer, their goal is to offer high-quality barbecues and other accessories at competitive cost while providing the highest personal service to customers.

BBQs 2u sells a vast assortment of Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbecues and the entire range of accessories that go with barbecue. They sell a handful of barbecue brands since they are the only barbecue supplier that offers excellent customer service and outstanding after-sales service. Of course, they create fantastic barbecues that can stand up to the British climate.

Traditional Asian-style grill, the Kamado Joe – Classic IIis a thick-walled cooking vessel that adds a rich, smoky taste to fish, meats, and other vegetables? It has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. Air is pushed through the grill’s ceramic body and out of its vented dome, and chunk charcoal comes to life through the grill heats up and smokes.

Kamado Joe’s proud to utilize this heritage by modernizing the grill’s timeless design by combining unmatched craftsmanship with modern accessories and a variety of cookware that is flexible.

BBQs 2u has been an authorized Kamado dealer, with excellent customer service, both for in-store and online sales at the most competitive prices. You can get many free accessories with their Kamado Joe Classic 2 Bundle offer.

Kamado grills hold heat more efficiently and efficiently than other grills. After being pre-heated, Kamado grills are highly stable and can cook at both high and low temperatures as long as they have carbon and oxygen. Kamado grills last and are typically made of ceramic compounds.

Kamado grills get their name from the phrase used to describe a classic Japanese charcoal or wood-burning cooker, also known as a kamado. Kamados were traditionally made using clay or other clay material to create a vase or “egg” similar vessel like a tandoor with a round design and heavy construction, giving it unique cooking advantages.

Ceramic grills are undoubtedly the top kamado grills regarding the control of temperature, durability, and flexibility. It is a wise investment that will last for a long time to come. What’s more, you can save more money with the Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle deal at BBQs 2u.

Kamado Joe Classic II is the most recent grill of the Kamado Joe Range. It is still built with the highest quality of craftsmanship and the innovative design synonymous with Kamado Joe. This grill is loaded with modern features that make it the most modern kamado grill one can find today.

Kamado Joe Classic IIIis the latest Classic barbecue made by Kamado Joe. It comes with a premium cart with a new side table and the most recent developments like the outstanding Slow Roller Hyperbolic Smoke chamber that can transform the flavor of your barbecue food. The low and slow cooking times will be delicious.

The SloRoller is a product developed by Havard University. It taps into the potential of cyclonic airflow technology to regulate the smoke and heat. The SloRoller insert was specifically designed to improve the taste and texture served on slow and low cooks that can reach 500 degrees and be changed out to heat deflector plates for grilling or searing at higher temperatures.

Like its predecessor, the Kamado Joe Classic 2 has a highly thick-walled, heat-resistant outer shell that keeps the moisture and smoke at any temperature. It allows you to successfully cook even when it’s dry, windy, or cold outside. So, barbecue all year round!

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