Most Delectable Burgers to Try

Are burger outings your favorite past time? Well, how about trying something different with your hamburgers? The culinary scene in Dubai is rife with innovations and fusions, and the basic hamburger has not been left out of the trend. Burgers are something that majority of the people love to consume and are come in a variety of options now days. They are almost available everywhere as they are the most common type of fast-food which is mostly in demand. They come in different variations ranging from vegetarian burgers to non-vegetarian also.

There are several burgers in town, from the Asian-fused burger to the cheesy-gooey grilled sandwich+burger combo. Therefore, we present to you our list of the finest creative burgers in Dubai. Look below and read till the end to explore different types of burgers that you can enjoy along your family and friends.

1- The Black Burger

The first burger that comes to mind when considering unusual-looking burgers is a black burger. Sea fire offers a distinctive black burger in keeping with the current trend for charcoal and black foods. The Barbecue Pulled Brisket Burger is a wonderful pulled beef burger that has been slow-cooked for over 48 hours. This burger’s smoky barbecue sauce, crispy onion rings, and dollop of coleslaw inside a charcoal brioche bun give it even more unorthodox flavor. You can enjoy this delicious burger in must reduce prices with Noon Food coupon code. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this opportunity and order your favorite food as much as you want.

2- Ramen Meets Burger

Tired of your burgers being served between Brioches and ordinary buns? Then give Ramen Burgers a try. These are distinctive because the pan-fried Ramen noodles serve as the ideal substitution for the traditional buns. Choose between a beef or chicken patty and savor these delectable burgers with an Asian twist. The price for three of these slider burgers is AED 53. So visit Atisuto and try out this unusual treat.

3- The Sandwich Burger

Some of the greatest burgers in town can be found at Blaze Burgers. You can rely on Blaze Burgers to offer your burger with a sloppy twist by combining it with a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s the 6abooja Burger for you! This is what a specialty burger looks like: two Angus Beef patties side by side with grilled burgers, in reasonable rates so go for this Sandwich Burger and satisfy your taste buds like never before.

4- The Gold Burger

The Hard Rock Café, a popular destination in Dubai, offers a distinctive burger on its menu. An very thin covering of edible gold is placed on top of the 24-Karat Gold Leaf Steak Burger. Cheddar cheese, red onion, and pure gold are provided with the 227g fresh beef patty. For AED 135 this golden burger is a must-try for the unorthodox lovers. A golden burger for Dubai’s golden rock stars. I hope you have enjoyed our collection and it will help you to eat your desired burger.